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If your hair type is 4C curls, then you are most likely already familiar with the unique challenges that come with styling these beautiful, yet high maintenance, curls. Type 4C hair tends to be highly prone to breakage, which can make styling and caring for your natural hair frustrating and overwhelming. Many kinky-curly girls are unaware of how to properly care for their hair, leaving them self-conscious about wearing their natural hair.

By adopting a 4C-friendly hair care routine with products that have been specially formulated for your hair texture, you’ll discover a new love for your kinky-curly tresses. Learning how to care for your 4C curls will minimize frustration and boost your confidence in wearing your gorgeous, natural hair.




The first step in learning how to maintain and style your natural hair is learning more about your unique hair texture. Of all the curl patterns, 4C curls are the most tightly coiled, and produce the highest level of shrinkage. Some defining characteristics of 4C hair include:



  • Coarse, brittle, wiry strands that are prone to dryness and breakage
  • Up to 75% shrinkage when hair is dry
  • Tightly wound curls that form kinky coils
  • Strands have very little shine and when wet, water tends to remain beaded on the surface



Many women who have 4C curls lament that they struggle to style their hair, as it tends to be quite dry and does not always form a tight, uniform curl.

In the past, many kinky-curly girls would relax their hair to avoid the frustration that often comes with regularly styling heavily textured hair. However, in recent years, relaxed hair has fallen by the wayside as more brands are emerging that specifically cater to caring for beautiful, natural hair. Keeping the same hairstyle every day can become mundane, so it’s important to learn some best practices for handling your delicate 4C hair so that you can fall in love with your natural hair all over again each day.


Since highly textured hair is often prone to dryness and breakage, what 4C curls need is moisture, moisture, and more moisture! 

Products such as the KhalidaNaturals Moisture Galore collection will help breathe new life into dry, brittle hair. Prioritizing moisture will give your coils the strength they need to make them more resilient against breakage and keep them bouncy, curly, and shiny all day long. Curly hair thrives on moisture, and your thirsty locks will be unrecognizable once they are hydrated using high-quality, moisture-rich products. 



Now that your kinky-curly hair is moisturized, you are ready to begin styling. Since 4C curls are prone to breakage and can have up to 75% shrinkage, you’ll want to choose your styles wisely. Select a few styles that will protect your hair while also minimizing tangles, breakage, dryness, and the need for heat tools. Some great Type 4C styles include:


  • Bantu knots
  • Twist-outs
  • Space buns
  • Puffs
  • Afro 



It’s time to let natural hair shine. KhalidaNaturals was created with Type 4 hair in mind, and contains a variety of products that are specially formulated for kinky coils. Whether you need hydration, growth, or effortless style, KhalidaNaturals has something for everyone!